Privacy Policy

davie Member Deals By LifeWise Digital, Inc.

General Statement

LifeWise Digital, Inc. (LifeWise) and each of its technology product offerings, including the davie Member Deals mobile application, web site platforms, and related digital media outlets, each adhere to the following policies with regard to data used in our network, web platforms, and applications.

LifeWise is committed to the protection of privacy and appropriate use of data provided by its mobile application users, as well as the protection of privacy of the customers our advertisers’ locations.

In general:

  • LifeWise and davie Member Deals do not sell any data obtained from its users, advertisers, or partners;
  • LifeWise and davie Member Deals do not acquire and store any personal information on any person who has not authorized the use of such information;
  • LifeWise and davie Member Deals do not obtain or utilize the personal identity information including social security numbers, credit cards or other payment information of any user of our mobile applications, or customer who is in the vicinity of advertiser’s location;
  • All of the information that is stored in systems and utilized by LifeWise and davie Member Deals in its business of presenting digital advertising, deals, promotions, coupons and offers is used ambiguously – that is, there are aggregations of audience data, without any personal data included to indicate to advertisers or content providers that there are likely a number of individuals in a location that have indicated an interest in the products, services or information being made available;
  • The data gathered and stored by LifeWise and davie Member Deals is primarily used for advertiser and accounting audit and assurance purposes for content and advertising providers, regulators and other government authorities, to assure that ads were delivered to a mobile user and that the user interacted with those ads when they appeared on an LifeWise mobile app or web platform including, but not limited to its davie Member Deals apps and web sites on an Internet-connected mobile device or computer.
  • LifeWise mobile applications will each employ “opt-in” or opt out features that place the user in control of the way they interact with our advertiser;
  1. Types of Data Utilized by LifeWise’s Technologies


LifeWise and davie Member Deals publish web sites and mobile applications that present ads, offers, deals, and coupons to users.   LifeWise may use davie Member Deals information on both the davie Member Deals web site and the davie Member Deals mobile application.

LifeWise’s davie Member Deals Mobile Application Software Solutions are installed on mobile devices allowing users to indicate the types of ads they wish to receive.   Users therefore must provide information including their preferences and they must allow the use of location services.

LifeWise will utilize geo-location services technologies to identify the people in a given market to whom an ad should be delivered.

  1. Use of Mobile Phone Presence Information

Some of the mobile applications licensed and used by LifeWise, may identify mobile telephones within range of our advertisers’ locations. We may push ads to other applications, like Waze® or Google Maps® and others.

Users of Mobile telephones have entered into agreements with their mobile phone providers, which agreements govern the use, distribution, or marketing of their user’s data that is gathered by their mobile phone provider. This information may be used by LifeWise and davie Member Deals to deliver ads to engage new users.

The provider and users have various options to “opt in” or “enable location services” and to utilize data in some manner. Those advertisers who provide advertising or other content to LifeWise directly or through programmatic advertising distributors do so as provided for in those agreements.

LifeWise’s customers may utilize or acquire information through its distribution channel that relies upon the agreements between mobile phone users and their provider.   This information may vary based upon the provider’s agreement with the user, for example Apple iPhone users may have an agreement different from those who use and Android phone from Samsung.   The relationship between a provider and a user and how that provider utilizes its users’ information, is governed by those agreements. LifeWise has no control or direct relationship with a user of a mobile phone and is therefore unable to dictate, control or enforce the terms of use for that phone.

  1. LifeWise Mobile Applications

LifeWise intends to extend its services to users of its mobile applications. Any user who downloads a mobile application will have the option to request benefits provided by advertisers or location owners who use the LifeWise products and services.  Such benefits may include discounts, coupons, affinity or loyalty programs, “freemiums” or free offerings.

LifeWise users may provide an email and may elect or subscribe to programs where they receive benefits via email. This service is offered solely as a cancellable subscription to any LifeWise mobile application user.

The Company provides to each of its mobile programs certain opt-in or opt-out features, putting users in control of their data.  The Company will provide to every user the ability to use or cancel the application at any time. Certain users, businesses and charity partners may be compensated for referring our apps to their contacts and for the making their contacts available in exchange for those benefits.

  1. Data Security and Data Breach Protections

The Company plans to utilize all commercially-reasonable data protection models for the data it gathers, stores and uses including advertising audit control data.  Database records identifying the display of an advertisement or other content and the data related to the presentation of or interaction with that content including time and date stamp, location, audience size and other data will be stored in secure off-site, third party provided, data vaults that are designed to make any large data breaches improbable.

The Company relies on secure cloud-based data management companies like Microsoft and Amazon Web Services for data storage, transfer and security.   Each of these companies is focused on data security and employ state of the art protection capabilities.   The Company does not store data on its services in its development environments.